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Interesting stories from behind-the-scenes 

Covid-19 pandemic has caught the whole world by surprise. A rapid, dangerous and completely unexpected rate of infection has led to extreme processional measures such as social distancing, banning public gatherings and even full lockdowns.  As a result, the majority of our concerts this year were either cancelled or postponed for next year. This is indeed a tremendous impact in every possible way.

However, instead of being discouraged by it, we have decided to seize this situation as an opportunity to develop ourselves and come up with some new, creative and positive ideas. 

July 28, 2020


Interesting stories from behind-the-scenes 

Perhaps it is the unusual combination of our instruments or the fact that most of our audience has yet to see a harp from such a close distance - very often we get a verity of questions after our performances.

Some are more common than the others, some are funny and original and sometimes they can get even very direct. 

We collected 5 questions which we have heard and considered to be worth sharing with you.

Is your question here as well?



People, arts and other things that inspire us

September 07, 2018

Whether it is when we drive our car, go jogging in the park or try to improve our mood - listening to music we love will motivate us and make us feel better. 

Here are 7 Pieces of inspiration we chose to share with you.

Some of the selected pieces accompany us since we were kids, others are more recent.

They come from various genres and different times and stimulate us in many distinct ways.


Interviews and idea sharing with friends of Jerusalem Duo

Composer of "Ancient Echoes of Psalms"

Three Dances for Harp and Saxophone

(Commissioned and dedicated to Jerusalem Duo)​​

June 26, 2018

On June 24th, we had the privilege to perform a world premiere of Amit Weiner's new composition "Ancient Echoes of Psalms"  - Three Dances for Harp and Saxophone in the Jacob Pins Forum in Höxter, Germany. ​​​

We spoke with Amit about his inspiration and working process on the piece.

Amit Weiner composer
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