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Special times call for new ideas

The Covid 19 pandemic has caught the whole world by surprise. A rapid, dangerous and completely unexpected rate of infection has led to extreme processional measures such as social distancing, banning public gatherings and even full lockdowns.  As a result, the majority of our concerts this year were either cancelled or postponed for next year. This is indeed a tremendous impact in everypossible way. However, we have decided not to be discouraged by it, but rather to seize this situation as an opportunity to develop and come up with some new, creative and positive ideas. 

By: Jerusalem Duo 

JUNE 28, 2020




One of the most interesting questions we are asked is: How does our common work process look like, and how difficult is it to work together as a married couple? 

In a perfect world, the answer will be: "Since we have been playing and living together for so long, we practically always think the same and rarely argue". Unfortunately, this is not always like that. 

Especially during a creation process, each of us brings up ideas that sometimes contradict what the other believes. This naturally leads to tensions and disagreements during the rehearsing process, and we do not always succeed in finding common ground immediately. 

However, over the course of our many years of working together, we have developed various methods that allow us to accept each other's ideas with as little resistance as possible, even if we do not fully agree with them. 

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