Plan - Pack - Play - Repeat  

Have you ever wondered how does a concert day look like from the musician's point of view? 

Do you want to see how a harp, a trolly, two saxophones, two suitcases, two sets of concert clothes, CDs and two passengers can be loaded to a station car? 

We offer you a guided tour from the very starting point of scheduling a date and until we unload our gear back home.

By: Jerusalem Duo 

MARCH 28, 2019

Photo: Stephan Haeger


Step# 1: Getting invited to play a concert. 

Getting invited to play a concert is obviously the first step to a successful performance. Usually, an invitation will come to our management in Germany. Our agent will then contact us and make sure that the requested date is free. He will then clear all the logistic aspects relevant to the performance. This includes issues such as hotel booking, car rental, program length, media coverage, and all financial matters.

This allows us, to be more concentrated on the artistic aspects of the performance and to invest our time in individual practice and mutual rehearsals. When all the details are closed we will get a schedule with the information which is relevant to the concert such as the date, the city, the distance in kilometers + estimated driving time, hotel address, the distance from the hotel to the venue, contact person name and phone number, and the time of the concert.

08:30 - Wake up

09:00 - Shower 

09:45 - Breakfast

11:00 - Going through the check-list

13:00 - Loading the equipment to the car

13:30 - 14:00 - Start driving

Step # 2: The morning of the concert.

The morning of the concert is a crucial factor which affects all following steps. The exact wake-up time depends on the distance (drive time to the venue) and the time of the concert. Thanks to google, we can estimate and calculate pretty accurately when exactly do we need to start driving. Since we do not have our own car we always rent one. You might remember the first question form our post "If you don't mind me asking...", where we spoke about how big should the car be in order to transport the harp. Well, the fun part when booking a car, is that one can only book a certain class and not a specific car, which means, that we never know what car we will get and it is always a surprise.

Except of picking up the car, there are some other logistic issues which have to be planned and taken care of, so if we use the schedule above as a reference to the day of a concert, the morning will be structured as follows:

Step # 3: Loading the equipment into the car.


Step #4:  Loading the equipment out of the car.






Step #7:  Soundcheck.

Step #8:  Rest, eat and "let's get ready to rumble". 

Step #9:  15 min break - (or as we like to call it "Work 'n' Talk"). 

Step #10:  Second half + "stagfies" 


Step #11:  Packing all the equipment back to the car.

Step #12:  Getting to the hotel room. 

Step #13:  Home sweet home. 

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