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Special times call for new ideas

Covid-19 pandemic has caught the whole world by surprise. A rapid, dangerous and completely unexpected rate of infection has led to extreme processional measures such as social distancing, banning public gatherings and even full lockdowns.  As a result, the majority of our concerts this year were either cancelled or postponed for next year. This is indeed a tremendous impact in every possible way.

However, instead of being discouraged by it, we have decided to seize this situation as an opportunity to develop ourselves and come up with some new, creative and positive ideas. 

By: Jerusalem Duo 

JULY 28, 2020




Exactly one year ago we moved into our new apartment in Frankfurt am Main. From the very beginning we were warmly welcomed by our neighbours and discovered that our building is very special. Everyone knows everyone and when the weather is nice, spontaneous meetings for a nice chat, a glass of wine or a BBQ in the yard were very common.

According to the restrictions announced due to the outbreak of the corona virus in Germany - any kind of social contacts had to be reduced to a minimum and avoided as much as possible. 

In order to lift the spirits of our neighbours and to have the opportunity to perform, we decided to initiate a special series of concerts, which took place in the staircase of our building. 

To ensure the required distance of 1.5 meters between people, the neighbors opened their doors and listened to the concert from their own apartments.  Residents of the surrounding houses and our followers from around the world were also able to enjoy the concert during the live broadcast on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 


Here is our favorite  piece "Libertango" by Astor Piazzolla which we played on one of our staircase concerts. 

You can find all three concerts on our YouTube chanel by clicking the "ALL STAIRCASE CONCERTS" button below.


Slowly and with great caution, each federal state announced its own measures to ease the restrictions. In Hessen, open air events and private parties with up to 250 participants are now permitted again, and if the second wave of


the virus is avoided, playing concert in churches and halls shall also be possible again.Until this will happen, we decided to take advantage of the good weather in Frankfurt, and to offer an exclusive open air concert in gradens of privet houses. We were lucky enough to be invited to play in most beautiful gardens and to interact with people again. The fact that friends are allowed to meet each other again after such a long time, creates an absolutely unique atmosphere.

 We have aslo got some inquiries and requests to play in othe buildings staircases, how cool is that? What can be better than caching up with people you have not seen for a while, having something to drink and to eat and listen to live music? 

Can you imagine hosting a concert in your home? if yes, you are welcome to contact us and we would like to give you some more information :)


On a sunny day in early June we decided to take a walk through the beautiful, four hectares large harbour park on the north bank of the river Main. During the summer, it attracts many people who enjoy sunbathing, picnics and some of the exercise facilities in the park. It also has some hidden corners that are perfect for taking some photos. During our walk we came across a bridge with a beautiful arch underneath. Depending on the point of view we had a construction site on one side and the impressive building of the European Central Bank on the other.

We asked our very talented friend, who is also a great artist (and happens to be our neighbour) - Senad Grahovic - to take some photos of us.

Although we had not caught the best hour of the day for a photo shoot, the images turned out to be so vivid and communicative that we can hardly wait for our next session together.
Let us know if you are familiar with any cool places around Frankfurt where we can take some cool pictures :)


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