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Dear friends,

Slowly and with great caution, every federal state in Germany has announced its own lockdown easing steps. 
In Hessen, events and private celebrations with up to 100 participants are now permitted again. This is a great sign of hope, and if the second wave of the virus could be avoided, the events are likely to become even bigger in the future.

With this step we can already start offering small private concerts. Surely you have seen our staircase concerts, which we played for our neighbours in our house and for you online. 

We would like to do the same in your house.
If it could be possible for you to hold a small private concert in your house or garden, we would like to offer a concert for you and your friends at a reduced special price. 
Please contact us for more detailed information. 

Jerusalem Duo

+49 (0) 176 227 123 15

+972 (0) 587 342 755

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