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Following the outbreak of the coronavirus in 2020 and inspired by the various rainbow artworks seen around the world, Jerusalem Duo has put together a new album that musically portrays the tale of this turbulent time through a rainbow-colored selection of works and musical directions, all traveled elegantly, very naturally and with great virtuosity by Hila Ofek on the harp and Andre Tsirlin on the Saxophone. "RAINBOW" offers an alternative perspective to its listeners on the new times through hope and optimism. 

And like in the fairy tale of the treasure at the end of the rainbow, an exclusive hidden bonus track awaits those who will listen to the whole album carefully.


Photo: Stephan Haeger


ALBUM 2017

Jerusalem Duo's Debut album was released on January 1st, 2017.

In their first studio album, Jerusalem Duo  presents a wide range of musical genres.

wether it is Astor Piazzolla's Libertango, Antonin Dvorak's gypsy songs, the famous Czardas of Vitorio Monti or a traditional Klezmer Freilach, Harpist Hila Ofek and Saxophonist Andre Tsirlin present it in a highly expressional way of playing and in virtuoso skills. 

Special guests such as Giora Feidman - Clarinet, Mario Korunic  - Violin and Nina Hacker - Doubelbass are featured in this album.

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